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Phoenix E-1 Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Phoenix E-1 Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser

Phoenix E-1 Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser

  • Phoenix E1 Gummed Tape Machine
  • Phoenix E-1 Gummed Paper Tape Dispenser


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Phoenix E-1 Electric Water Activated Tape Dispenser

One of the most competitively priced innovative electric dispensers available.  Outstanding features such as a front-mounted keypad, self oiling cutter, thermostat controllable heater and a uniform three brush moistening system.  

Phoenix E1 - Proven reliability – Easy to operate and maintain

The Phoenix E1 is the workhorse of the industry with its proven performance and reliability.  Its front mounted key pad, self oiling cutter, controllable heater plate, and three brush moistening system makes it easy to use and easy to maintain.

To use the Phoenix E1 machine, simply load the tape in the back of the machine and press a button for the desired length.  The electronic keypad makes carton sealing quick and easy by pressing a button for the desired length, while also eliminating wasted tape.  The Phoenix E1 machine has a three brush moistening system, and an adjustable weighted top heater to deliver the sufficiently moistened tape to the operator.   The heat increases the adhesiveness of the tape as it passes through three chrome pressure bars forcing the tape on the moistening brushes, enabling the tape to penetrate the carton for a strong and permanent bond.  The adjustable heat and weights ensures the operator of proper moistening regardless of the grade of tape used to seal your cartons. 

Easy, general maintenance on the Phoenix E1 tape machines should be performed at least once every two months, and in high use situations, at least once every month.  Cleaning the moistening brushes should be done by first removing the water bottle and the tank.  The tank is easily lifted over the tank support shelf.  A flat head screw driver may be used to gently pry out the water tank.  Wash the moistening brushes and the water tank out with warm, soapy water.  When you put the moistening brushes back, it is important to make sure the angle of the moistening brushes is positioned in the same direction of the tape flow.  If glue spots appear on or in the brushes, do not attempt to cut them out, as you will damage the consistency of the water absorption in the brushes.  The felt oil pad is located just behind the upper shear.  A few drops of light machine oil should be added to the felt pad.  This will decrease the build up of glue on the shear, keeping a nice, clean cut on the leading end of the tape.  We also recommend cleaning the lower tape plate and the lower heater plate.  The lower tape plate is the steel plate that lies under the tape.  This plate helps prevent the build up of dust and glue.  Remove the upper plate that surrounds the upper feed wheel and spray the lower tape plate with a multi-purpose cleaner or a foamy bathroom cleaner.  A steel wool pad could be used to remove any glue build up on the lower tape plate, as well as the lower heater plate.  Remove the water bottle and tank, and lift up the lower heater plate ( it will pivot up).  If there is any glue build up, a steel wool pad or razor blade can be used to remove the build up.

The true workhorse of the water activated tape machine industry.  These machines are built to be used and built to last, and with proper maintenance, the Phoenix E1 will contribute to the packaging lines for years. 


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